This Old House of Prayer

Father, Son and Holy Spirit
In the morning hours, visit ~

Wake me with a gentle breeze,
Or however you may please.

Search my heart and know my thoughts;
Reveal to me what is of naught.

Remove that which you see as strange;
And by your own design, arrange ~

A place where you may sit and rest;
Where you may draw me to your breast.

Come and find a special place
Where You may dispense Your grace.

Stay ~ and at the noonday meal
Make me know You linger still.

Teach me of Your Holy Word ~
Of Your strength to undergird.

In my heart and in my mind
Write and hide that I may find.

All day long ~ into the twilight hour
Work in me indwelling power.

That I listen and hear your thoughts~
That I may love you as I ought.

Knowing that we both are blessed.
~ When You are Host, and I am guest.

(I wrote this poem after “meditating on my bed” in the early morning hours.   It was a blessing, as I have been concerned about my loss of memory recently; coupled with the study that our church is doing in Thomas Watson’s book The Great Gain of Godliness, Chapter 8 – The Godly Should Meditate on God’s Name. We are challenged to consider what and how often our thoughts are on God. My prayers are that whatever I forget, that I will never forget Him.)

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