Mission Statement

I believe that an Almighty God, maker of heaven and earth, created me physically;

That He supernaturally made me a new creation by His Holy Spirit through the resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ;

That in this new birth I became an heir to His eternal kingdom and glory;

That I am not just one of His heirs, but a member of His holy family, waiting for Christ to come again to gather us all to be with Him forever;


I have a holy, high and heavenly calling to represent Him in this world;

To continue in His Word and prayer for His daily guidance;

To seek to know others of His family;

To worship and serve Him in a local church;

To witness of His grace and goodness to all whom He puts in my path:

To encourage others as we journey through this wilderness together;

To use all at my disposal to speak and to write of Him and His kingdom;

To love others as He loves me;

To contribute to the support of those who are called to minister in His name in other places;

To give to those who are in physical need.

In Jesus’ name ~ Fran Rogers