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Introduction to Series

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This little book is an introduction to the series Little Books About THE MAGNITUDE OF GOD and a preface to our ministry of proclaiming the legacy of God’s kingdom.  In this little book, you will see the basis on which we stand as God’s children, why and how we live and declare the truths of God’s word, His grace, and His glory.
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Are you struggling? Are you anxious? Do you feel defeated or alone, even though you have accomplished much in your life? Are you happy with what you have, or do you constantly have to replace these things with new ones? Is there always another plateau you have to reach?

Do the things that you own give you peace?

What is there that we can see and touch that will not eventually lose its attraction and value, erode or fade away? Is there anything in this world that lasts forever? What can we take out of this world when we die? What is the use of all that we know and live by? If we live long enough we realize that most of what we learn and do as children and adults are useless past this life.

In this little book, we see three things that Jesus taught His disciples, things that are related to eternity, things for now and in the next life. For all who hear and adhere to His teachings, He gives assurance of a life beyond this one, an eternal life with Him and God, the Father. We find in these things an unexpected reality of true life now and forever. Belief and values are established in what He lived and taught so that we may be living free in Christ from the anxiety of this world.

First things that last forever are simple but there is a profound knowledge in these things. If we know them and meditate upon them we realize that these are things that we live by here, the spiritual things that will eventually transition us to an eternal glory where God is all that we need.

 TWO FULL PLATES ~ Learning to be a Caregiver
(First in series Little Books)
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 “Being a caregiver far outweighs other opportunities in this life and lays up treasures for us in heaven. When we think of how much the Lord gave for us, what more can we do than give all that we are for those we love. When we find ourselves in the place of service, the Lord gives the provisions that are needed. He does not call us, expecting that we can handle this role on our own, but it is a time to experience His presence, His wisdom, and His strength. As our needs draw us closer to Him, we not only see that we ‘do what we have to do,’ but that we do more than we thought we could do.”  TWO FULL PLATES

The Garden of GOD’S WORD ~ The Purpose and Delight of BIBLE STUDY
(Second in series Little Books)
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The Garden of GOD%22S WORD.pdf Cover
Are you down and out, or are you up and about? Have you crashed, or are you soaring? Are you burned out, weary of well doing, without any sense of reward? Are you living in your own strength, or in the power of the God who created you?

When Jesus lived here among men, He often asked the question, “What do you want me to do for you?” This important question is real today because the needs of man never change. We are taught by men that the more we work the greater will be our rewards. We try one thing and then another to find that deal that will make us special and wear ourselves out in the process. In The Garden of God’s Word, we learn how God does the work to inform, reform, transform, conform and perform what He desires in us. He enables us to work out in real life what He works in and through us by His grace ~ all to His own glory.

The LITTLE BOAT ~ and other Short Stories of GOD’S GRACE
(Third in series Little Books)
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“He began to notice many changes in his life and his acts of goodness; he had a sense of humility, instead of pride;kindness where there had always been contention; generosity in place of greed; compassion where there had always been apathy or contempt for his fellow man.”   (The Old Man)
“The Lord said to me, “At the end of each day bring me all your thoughts from that day in a bucket. This will be your test of how much you have of heaven.”  (Heaven in a Bucket)

Michael plans his life around his desire to see the world, but on the day of his dream coming true, he encounters something greater; beyond what he had imagined.   Each story reveals the powerful working of His grace in different hearts and lives.
From Stan who loses the use of his legs and arms to Sarah, who loses her husband, and from others in these short stories, there is much encouragement to the reader to see God’s working of grace in their own lives.

Series: What the Holy BIBLE Says

What the HOLY BIBLE Says About LIGHT
(First in Series What the Holy BIBLE Says)
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“Then spoke Jesus again unto them, saying,
I am the light of the world:
he that follows me shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have the light of life.”
John 8:12
Light is a precious commodity that God’s creatures sometimes take for granted. As we open, read, and study His Word, we learn about two kinds of light. There is a physical light provided by the natural power of the sun or the artificial light that enables us to see those things that are apparent with good eyesight. Then, there is a spiritual light that enables those, who are born into God’s family by the power of His Spirit, to see things that are not visible to the naked eye.

To discern both the physical and spiritual things wisely we need proper light. This ten-week devotional study will take the reader from Genesis to Revelation using all the Biblical texts of the King James Version that include the word “light.”
From the beginning of the Old Testament to the ending of the New Testament we find the source of light, the reason for light, the power of light, and more than you will expect, in one study.

A Broad Review of Andrew Murray’s Humility
$.99  eBook     $5.99  Paperback

“Terrifying” and “verifying” are two words that could be used to describe the extremes that are revealed in Andrew Murray’s book Humility. “Terrifying” is the thought of the nature of pride in the human life. “Verifying” is the reality of the supernatural work of God’s Spirit that overcomes pride in the heart, so that a person can live in the new state of humility. The purpose for Christ’s humility and sacrifice was to bring this humility from heaven to earth.
Twenty years of reading and studying Murray’s book led the author of A Broad Review to share how the important truths of his teachings have affected her own life, and to challenge others to embrace these truths as God’s way of working in their lives. In each of the twelve chapters, emphasis is placed on the most strategic lessons with the encouragement to memorize certain truths that will apply to any generation.
For the author, the most memorable statement from Murray’s book was, and continues to be, ““Accept every humiliation, look upon every fellow-man who tries or vexes you, as a means of grace to humble you.”
(Includes a link to a free audio or eBook download of Humility by Andrew Murray.)

GOD is Our Goal ~ GOD’S Plan for His People
(Fourth in Series: Little Books About the Magnitude of God)
$1.99  eBook     $5.59  Paperback

How do you wrap up fourteen summers of study with your grandchildren? The diagram we used to summarize our years together is still on the blackboards (two stacked on the back of the door leading to our prayer room) from five years ago. This book, with the diagram, is the conclusion we came to ~ GOD at the top, our Purpose at the bottom, and His PLAN through JESUS between Him and us, doing His work to keep us and bring us to Himself.
How many goals do we set in a lifetime? How many do we actually reach? The Christian worldview is one that sees goals based on what has been accomplished for us by our Creator and Redeemer. God has a purpose for His creation. He has a plan. He has set the goal, and by His plan in Christ, brings us to Himself. As we live in anticipation of reaching this goal, it affects all that we think, say and do, making our pilgrimage here a joy and glory to Him.