After the Storm ~ Peace

Jerry and I are just coming through another one. Though still not where we hope to be (Jerry has not walked since January), as we wait for a reasonable recovery, we are resting in the will of the Lord where we are now.

We have been through many storms such as these, and expect that we may go through others before we get to the end of this life.

He has proven that storms are good for us (Romans 8;28-29).

They take us away from our home base.
They scatter our hopes for anything in this world.
They bring us in touch with people we have never known, some who have been hit worse than we have.
Through these times, He gives us hope and encouragement for others we meet, and find others whose hope is in Him.

We experience the Lord’s presence like no other time in our lives.

Just as Jesus’ disciples looked to Him and He spoke to the storm, He is with us through it and speaks peace to it in His exact timing.

Peace is never as real and powerful as when He brings us through.

Our love for Him is never stronger than when He endures with us.

Our joy is never greater; our faith never deeper planted in Him than through these times.

The sun is never brighter than when we come to a resting place in Him.

Our faith increases during these times.

Endurance, hope, strength, grace, and wisdom grow through these adversities.

The doors of heaven are opened for us, beyond our circumstances, to see the One who created us and redeemed us for Himself, so as to keep us by His power for eternity with Him.
The peace of our Lord is promised to all who endure the storms of this life for a life beyond this one.
He does not allow us to be overcome, but enables us to “press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14

Gracious heavenly Father, we give you thanks for your grace, power and presence with us during the storms of life. You have always been faithful to keep us through all our circumstances, no matter how difficult they seem. There are many who are struggling. Please be with these; guide them and give them peace. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.
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24 thoughts on “After the Storm ~ Peace

      1. That is very true, Fran. God I think gives us experiences both good and bad to become part or our testimony to others. You share it with much grace, and it’s very encouraging. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you, Jim, for your gracious offer. Jerry is off the wound vac for his side. It may be used for his foot. We will know Thursday if this is needful. Healing continues but is still slow. As you asked, you can first praise the Lord with us, that He has brought us this far, and that we will have more praises and increase of faith as we wait for complete healing. The Lord is good. His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures forever. More and more is this evident as we continue to press forward to our goal. Prayers and blessings for you and your family.

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  1. Thank you, Frances, for this amazing testimony to and evaluation of the storms in our lives and how the Lord works through them. When I encounter my next storm, I desperately need to cling to these overwhelmingly encouraging words.


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