What the Holy Bible Says about The Word of GOD

Second in the series What the Holy Bible Says is available on Amazon.

What the Holy Bible Says about The Word of GOD follows What the Holy Bible Says about LIGHT, published two years ago

Both are devotional studies using references from Strong’s Concordance with questions and suggestions for discovering what God has to say about these topics. The first study on LIGHT is a ten-week study.

The second study on The Word of GOD is a twenty-six-week study. It not only involves a longer time than the first book but will produce a greater understanding of who God is, what He spoke and reveals about Himself.  Going through this study twice, I have experienced a deep humility and relationship with God which I did not have before. This devotional study starts slow but quickens its pace and brings the reader to a greater knowledge of the Word of God. It ends with fullness and joy, giving the student a bountiful love for God and His Word.

(The third study, not published, is What the Holy Bible Says about LIFE.)

The first two books are in paperback and Ebook with others on Amazon.
We began publishing two years ago as a means to archive our work in proclaiming the legacy of God’s kingdom to future generations. Profits from sales are designated for missions and charity. Free copies of any book are available to those who cannot afford to buy.

Dear Father in heaven, we praise you for another opportunity to share the truth of your Word. We pray for your Holy Spirit to lead readers to know you through this study. In Jesus’ name, we pray, thank you and praise you. Amen.

24 thoughts on “What the Holy Bible Says about The Word of GOD

    1. Chris, you know that this passion can only come through the power of the Holy Spirit, the same source which enables you to preach His Word with passion. Your zeal helps to strengthen my love for His Word, and more importantly, our love for the Lord. Blessings as we continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Him. 🙂


  1. Praise God this book was published! I really like the cover! And the subject is one that is very very important too especially with all the attacks on the Word of God these days. I pray God will use this book for His glory.

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    1. Thank you, Jim. Jerry and I went through this study last year. It is a good one for individuals, goups, couples and families. It is amazing what God says about Himself and HIs Son, the Living Word. These truths can change our lives. Blessings. 🙂

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  2. Hi Frances, I’ll purchase your book because I know it will be good but I can’t read it right now. I’m into a dual study of the OT and the NT and I won’t be finished for a few months. I’m drawn to this study I’m into like a moth to a light so I’m assuming you know exactly what I mean. But I will read it … I’ve learned pretty quickly that anything that originates from you is well worth the investment of time and I mean that sincerely. I actually read over your posts twice because I sometimes read too quickly and I don’t want to miss anything. So much to learn and so little time but it is such a delight. Thank you so much for this study. Grace and blessings as always to you and Jerry. – Bruce

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    1. Bruce, I appreciate your thoughts concerning the Lord’s grace that speaks through me and His work in Jerry’s and my life. What we share is simply from the source that is present and keeping us as He prepares for eternity with Him. You bring tears to these old eyes and blessings to my heart as I read your comments, and praise to our Lord for working in your heart to delight you in Himself. He has blessed us with another year to learn of HIs presence, His grace and HIs blessings, so that we know here and now that we bask in His glory ~ a glimpse of that which is to come. Blessins as you continue to study His Word. 🙂

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