Holding On and Letting Go

Since August 29, 1992, the Lord has led me in a different path than the former years ~ with a new heart, new spirit and new life.

We have together chronicled this path, leaving traces, patterns, and clues on the way. We have filled notebooks and file boxes, written letters, emails, blog posts and books with what He has been teaching me.

Celebrating these last twenty-five years has been a joyful experience as we continue through this wilderness in the power of His promises; in faith and the strength of His will to reach that eternal destiny to which He has called us.

At the age of seventy-eight I am near the riverside, having seen and tasted the glory of the Lord through His gift of grace. Through this pilgrimage, we come to a point where we no longer look back but toward the horizon to where He waits for us.

The Lord has these years in His service, been holding me and teaching me to hold to Him and all that He has given. He has shown me His plans for me, and with it the direction and wisdom in which to go, with the assurance to be with me all the way.

These last six months it seems that we have not gone forward but waiting for His instructions. During this time, we have been able to write sparingly through these blog posts. We have enjoyed being a part of the WordPress Christian Community, caught up with reading and commenting on other blog posts.

As Jerry’s appointments have lessened, though his foot is still not healed, we are now formatting and getting PRAYERS That Brought the House Down ready for publication. Thriving Under Oppression is the next project to finish ~ a continual work for the last three years. Our major work is not to promote and sell but to write and publish what we have already written, and finish others that we have started.

All are witness to God’s grace and His Glory in proclamation of the legacy of His kingdom. Under the name of Father and Family Books, these are the testimony of “laying hold of eternal life” to which He calls us. To continue on we must let go some of the things we have been doing these last six months. We cannot keep up the pace of reading and responding to other blog posts if we are to hold on and continue the work God has for us. I have read more blogs than I have written. We will visit as often as we can, but not on a daily basis as we have been this year.

Holding on means with both hands, eyes and face forward to the upward call. Letting go means not spending as much time where we have been.

We will still post occasionally and we are committed to finish our series on Contentment as the Lord leads.

My main role is as Jerry’s full-time caregiver. The Lord provides the time between our duties for writing and publishing. Please pray for the Lord’s leading and His holy will for all that we do in the service of His kingdom. Our books are Christian non-fiction, except for one book of short stories. They are for encouragement for Christian living and spiritual growth as we look to the hope that is set before us. We will post updates as often as possible.

If you are interested in any of our books on Amazon (one is free), remember that profits are designated for missions and charity. The Lord has provided for all our needs so that all our work is for His kingdom and glory.

Gracious Father, thank you for the precious friends you have given us here. I pray for your guidance for us all to continue holding to what you have given us; to let go the things of this world that would hinder our growth and continued progress in the way of your kingdom and eternal life. Show us your ways , O Lord, teach us your paths. Lead us in your truth and teach us. For you are the God of our salvation. On you do we wait all the day. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.  

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32 thoughts on “Holding On and Letting Go

  1. Hi Frances, your posts are posts that I pay particular attention to because the Holy Spirit witnesses to me of your dedication and wisdom and your deep love for our Lord. You have no idea how many times I have thought about when God asked you if He was your God and you answered, “Yes Lord”. That was so beautiful. I hope you can “visit” us as time permits but I understand your need to focus on completing what God has laid on your heart. As always, both you and Jerry are in my daily prayers. You and Jerry are precious in His sight. God’s speed and touch base when you can. Many blessings!

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    1. Bruce, you are one of the precious friends, along with so many others, who have blessed us with your comments and your prayers. You have encouraged us to go forward in the work the Lord calls us to do. May you and your family be blessed as you continue to share the good news of His kingdom.


    1. Thank you Jo Ann. I have wanted to read your book, but have not had time for reading in the last year. Hopefully, I can get to that sometime soon. I appreciate your offer. I pray the Lord’s blessings as you continue to share how the Lord is working in your life.

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    2. Jo Ann, if you still have that coupon I would love to download your book; not sure when I will be able to read, but would like to have it available. We’re still back and forth to the wound healing center for Jerry’s foot, and have appointment for another CTScan for his leg. The stent is still working in the aneurysm above the knee, but the angioplasty (balloon) below the knee has narrowed. The vascular surgeon will probably do another one to help supply blood flow to his foot. We’re not getting a lot done on these new books, but all is in the Lord’s timing. Blessings. Fran


  2. What Bruce said… I couldn’t say it better! Although you are a new friend, I have truly loved reading what you post here, and hope that you will visit your blog periodically to share with us your beautiful heart for God! God bless you greatly in this new season!

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    1. Thank you Lynne. I can see how God has blessed so many of you who share the gifts He has given you. We have been blessed to share and to read what others have written,(and your beautiful paintings) especially during these six months that we have not been able to attend worship services. We will hopefully be checking in often to see what you and others are experiencing. Thank you for your encouragement.


  3. In my short time belonging to the WordPress community, I have met some wonderful people, but there isn’t anyone who I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with as you, Frances. Your faith in the face of adversity inspires, especially for me as I face certain storms of my own. Hope it will be the will of the Lord to keep you more active over here than you expect to be. I do pray that God will lead you and Jerry through the paths He has made ready for you, and that His grace will continue to abound in your lives….

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    1. Ramos, we are blessed to receive your encouragement. The Lord has never left us alone, but always goes before us, directing our steps, keeping us close to Him when we don’t know what is ahead. We have become accustomed to praising Him no matter the circumstances. This seems to put light on the path before us. The Lord bless you as you face the storms. There is no more place closer to Him than during these times. He is truly the God of all grace, and all for us to share His glory.

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      1. So true isn’t it..? I’m so grateful, that God’s plans for my life involves affliction that leads me closer to Him, than let me keep living my life with my eyes set only on the world.. The closeness with Him is far better than anything else we could ask for in life 🙂 God bless you too, Frances….

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  4. Interestingly, our Lord had me thinking about this very thing recently. I also have had to decrease his many posts I read (and may need to do so even more) in order to finish the tasks He has given me to do…

    May the Lord bless your ministry and grant the time and wisdom needed to accomplish what He has given you to do!

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