3 thoughts on “REFORMATION

  1. Valerie Caraotta

    Fran, this is so needful for the time we are living in. We have instead of made disciples, just got others to say the sinners prayer and then left them to grope their way toward maturity. Obviously we have been off track for many years evident that the younger the generations we see, seemingly the more apathetic they appear as a whole to the things of God. I think God holds us responsible as it was His mandate from the beginning to go and make disciples. Indeed the world has stepped in with new age, off religions, and other means of “enlightenment” including many cults and gangs that will readily accept them and quickly teach them their way while believers return from church unchanged, we pass by many and think not to share Christ and the result is we have as a whole drifted from the plumbline of truth and lifestyle pleasing to God. What makes people hungry for God is daily choosing to get in His Word where He becomes so ingrained in our fiber we can’t help but share Him with others. You have done well in this regard Fran as your heart beats stronger each day with more love for Him. Where many start out well but end lukewarm you have chose the opposite. May we learn to rediscover and reapply the truth of God’s word in our lives and bring along new generations that will make kingdom impact. Excellent, video…


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