Just When We Thought

We were beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel……

It was mid-2006. Mother had continued to decline in the four years she lived with us. Her physical condition was adding its toll to her dementia. We had done all we could since my dad died of cancer several years before.  While caring for her, we kept two of our granddaughters two days a week ~ a joy and a respite for us and Mother.

But, something had to give.

Her month in a nursing home before she died did not make life any easier. Even so, we hoped this would end our adventures with adversity. No so. Five weeks through the settling of her small estate, Jerry had emergency by-pass surgery on his left leg.

A month later, his leg had to be amputated. After three years of not healing, he had a third surgery to remove the graft inserted for the by-pass.  The stump finally healed seven months later and for a short while he used a prosthesis with a walker. But it is still painful.

For the last two years, he has not driven a car, walked, or worn a shoe because of issues with wounds that would not heal. His heart disease and diabetes are not our best friends.

Why am I rehashing these affairs? One reason is to witness of the fulness of God’s grace during trials in this life and to compare the lives of God’s children to the children of Israel as He delivers us from our bondage to self and sin and brings us through this wilderness to His promised land for us.

A Worse Scenario
God’s people had been in bondage four hundred years when the Lord sent Moses and Aaron to Egypt. Their case before Pharoah to deliver Israel only made their condition worse. Not only were they still required to make bricks, but they had to find their own straw. They could not understand how the Lord was working for their freedom.

“Then, as they came out from Pharaoh, they met Moses and Aaron who stood there to meet them. And they said to them, “Let the Lord look on you and judge, because you have made us abhorrent in the sight of Pharaoh and in the sight of his servants, to put a sword in their hand to kill us.” Exodus 5:20-21

Like the people of Israel, we cannot see how the Lord is working on our behalf until we get past a breaking point. Adversity is His means of proving His presence and power in the lives of His children, enabling us to live in the assurance He gives and to praise Him every day.

“My brethren, count it all joy
when ye fall into divers temptations; 
Knowing this,
that the trying of your faith worketh patience.
But let patience have her perfect work,
that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”
James 1:2-4

More and more, we are learning what Paul meant when he said, “I have learned to be content.” Jesus becomes more precious with each trial, endears us to Him and excites our hope for eternal life with Him.

It is in the “something has to give” times that He fills us with His grace and shows His mercy ~ growing us in the process to understand the truth and reality of His promises. Christ in you ~ the hope of glory is experienced in every turn of this life, bringing us closer and closer to Him, His glory and His joy.

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time
are not worthy to be compared with the glory
which shall be revealed in us.
Romans 8:18

Dear Father, as we are still learning what it means to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray your Holy Spirit to prove us to be yours. Fill us with your grace and make us know your goodness and mercy that follows us all the days of our lives; that we shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.
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11 thoughts on “Just When We Thought

  1. Fran thanks for this. I actually get this completely. The last 6 months at our place has been one thing after another. Two surgeries for my mother in law, my father in law’s death, my job loss and now we are looking for a new church home. Yet we feel quite at peace as we see God’s plan unfold. Be blessed

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    1. This times are meant for growing in His very presence and with HIs power working to maintain His good name and HIs promises. Praying for you and your family, especially as you are looking for a new church home ~ needful as you endure the fiery trials that will continue. Blessings for continued grace.


  2. Fran, I’m with you and brother Wally here. After a painful time of pummeling trials, the Lord is bringing healing, strength, and precious refreshment to my soul.
    May our every affliction and sorrow work out for His glory and Kingdom.
    Have a blessed Mothers Day. 🌷🌷🌷

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  3. I have you and Jerry on my prayer list and of course mention you every day and whenever I hear your name come out of my mouth I think of the witness that you give and I am humbled. I recently had a bit of a sinus infection because I was getting head aches for a couple of weeks. Nothing off the wall but it was an irritating and made it difficult to focus. I prayed about it a number of times and last week they disappeared and I was so grateful. And that was a small headache. How fickle I am. Both my wife and I have our share of aches and pains but all things considered, we have so much to be thankful for. Focus on Jesus, that’s always the answer and I am so grateful for His comfort and presence. The beauty of your faith is the steadfastness you maintain while enduring. I thank you for that witness. Grace and blessings Francis as always.

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    1. Bruce, thank you for your prayers and your comments. When we compare notes, we always find the mutual answer to all the world’s ills. How does anyone get through this wilderness without Jesus? What a Savior, what a friend, what love and power He gives to the end. He is the one who is steadfast, keeping us in Him and Him in us.
      Blessings of His continued grace for you and your family.

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    1. I kept the record of events to a minimum, editing so that the grace of our Lord would be the highlight of my post. It was not to complain but to draw attention to the reality of His presence and power in the lives of His children. Blessings.

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  4. So beautiful dear sister. My post this week was actually on a similar thought, waiting through the trials as God is at work in the deep places of our hearts. Thank You Lord for this precious confirmation. And, you and your husband are in my prayers tonight, as you continue to show forth the precious grace of our Lord.

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