The Scriptures MUST be Fulfilled

Our pastor’s blessings for the week.

“The Lord has kept his promises, for “the Scripture must be fulfilled.”

He has strengthened us out of Zion, built his church by the Spirit, made his word fruitful and prepared the soil for more growth, beautified the meek with salvation, visited his vine, kept his covenant, defended his dwelling place, and worked gloriously to make the mountain of Messiah’s kingdom the highest in the earth.

As we saw in Luke yesterday, we often cannot see what is right before us — what God has spoken is absolute, trustworthy, and more reliable than anything we see with our eyes.”

Below are links to his Sunday sermon.

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“What’s Happenin?”

Nathan, our only grandson, now seventeen, used this expression when he was younger, being the middle child of five granddaughters. 

He learned this from my reading to him The Man Who Couldn’t See from Ella K. Lindvall’s READ ALOUD BIBLE STORIES.

Children and adults are asking the same question today? Children are growing up in a culture unlike any other in our history. There is a lot of walking and talking, and our children are becoming more anxious, affected by all that is going on in the world.

No one is blind to the news of evil. It is very evident through mass communication for the world to hear and see. We are blind, however, to the causes. We cannot see behind the scenes. And the world is blind to the solution.

What we hear and see is a prelude to what hell will be like for those who are blind to the good news of Christ.

Imagine, if things continue as they are, where the chaos will take us. Without Christ there is no hope.

It is as if God has removed Himself from the world, to show us what it is like without His rule and presence with us. All we need for more evil and  destruction is for the world to be left alone to decide what is good in our own eyes.

Imagine the worst scene in history. Multiply this in our day with all that is happening, and you can imagine hell. Our only hope is Jesus Christ.

Dear Heavenly Father, show us your mercy. As we hear and see what this world is like, in disobedience to you, rend the heavens and come down, as the melting fire burneth, and make your name known to the adversaries. Enable us to see Jesus as our only hope. Open our eyes to see Him and to tell others about your marvelous grace through Him for our deliverance. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.