“What’s Happenin?”

Nathan, our only grandson, now seventeen, used this expression when he was younger, being the middle child of five granddaughters. 

He learned this from my reading to him The Man Who Couldn’t See from Ella K. Lindvall’s READ ALOUD BIBLE STORIES.

Children and adults are asking the same question today? Children are growing up in a culture unlike any other in our history. There is a lot of walking and talking, and our children are becoming more anxious, affected by all that is going on in the world.

No one is blind to the news of evil. It is very evident through mass communication for the world to hear and see. We are blind, however, to the causes. We cannot see behind the scenes. And the world is blind to the solution.

What we hear and see is a prelude to what hell will be like for those who are blind to the good news of Christ.

Imagine, if things continue as they are, where the chaos will take us. Without Christ there is no hope.

It is as if God has removed Himself from the world, to show us what it is like without His rule and presence with us. All we need for more evil and  destruction is for the world to be left alone to decide what is good in our own eyes.

Imagine the worst scene in history. Multiply this in our day with all that is happening, and you can imagine hell. Our only hope is Jesus Christ.

Dear Heavenly Father, show us your mercy. As we hear and see what this world is like, in disobedience to you, rend the heavens and come down, as the melting fire burneth, and make your name known to the adversaries. Enable us to see Jesus as our only hope. Open our eyes to see Him and to tell others about your marvelous grace through Him for our deliverance. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

22 thoughts on ““What’s Happenin?”

  1. Gosh Fran, I remember that hymn from my childhood. Sadly, we don’t sing it anymore.

    I love the cartoon and what it says – lots of people making noise – which seems to be a picture of church and especially our prayer meetings. We seem to have forgotten the need to wait silently for God (as the hymn says). I like many of the new songs, but some of those old hymns spoke words we still need to hear.

    God bless. David

    PS I feel for Nathan. I had three sisters and no brothers. We have restored the balance with four sons and only one daughter, plus three grandsons and one more due to arrive next month!

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  2. Very well said, Fran. “Imagine, if things continue as they are, where the chaos will take us. Without Christ there is no hope.” This is precisely true, and why we must introduce those in darkness to the Light of the World. Wonderful post.

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  3. I was struck by your vivid point about hell and was reminded of the consequences of hell. What a great opportunity you used to preach Christ and the grace of God too in this post, may those who do not know Christ have their eyes opened…

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  4. Light Ministry Blog

    I read a post much like this one the other day. Yes, this world is very evil, no doubt. But we have to remember that in the ancient world, things were even worse apparently. We read in Genesis 6:5-6 that “all of man’s thoughts were only to do evil.” And it grieved God “that He had even made man on earth.” Soon after came the flood which wiped out all but Noah’s family of eight people, along with the pairs of creatures of course.

    It is a very ugly world in which we live today. And it is getting worse as we near the end of all things. But it could go on for many more years…we just don’t know.


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    1. Steve, Thank you reading and taking the time to comment. I should have been clearer in reference to history. The time frame mentioned was related to the years of my generation and the difference in my childhood and the culture today. In eight decades, times have changed drastically. Radio and newspapers were the only means of knowing what was going on in the world. And the news was not as violent and chaotic as it is now. As children we slept well, without anxiety. My parents walked to work, we walked to school, and never locked our doors. We did not know about divorce, pregnancies outside of marriage, and there were no abortions or child abuse that we knew about. These things are all a normal part of our culture now, and we cannot see anything but a downward spiral continuing ~ hence the thought that we are experiencing a hell on earth, or its prelude. Except God has mercy and makes His presence known miraculously, we can expect the trends to worsen during the next generations. We must prepare to answer the next generation when they ask, “What is happening?” and train ourselves and our children for a time of persecution.

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      1. Light Ministry Blog

        Thank you for the clarification, Fran. I am 63 years old so I know of the world you describe very well. And I agree that the things we hear about in the world today are quite different from the things of four or five decades or more ago!

        I’m certain we did ourselves harm as we began to “remove” God and His principles from our society. And as we replaced Him with all things politically correct, the problems only worsened. I have no idea what His plans are for us, but we are in the “last days” according to the fact that God has completed all the plans He has revealed to us with the exception of Jesus’ second coming. We need to save our children by instruction in Godly beliefs in our homes. Our society will never support any one religion again, let alone Christianity, upon which the basics of this country was founded…

        Thank you for reading and commenting and may the Lord bless and keep you and yours!

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      2. Steve, thank you for the conversation. All in all, if after my 77 years I had not been brought by His Spirit to trust the Lord’s sovereignty, there would be no hope past the degradation of this world, a world that cannot accept Christ, except God gives each of us a new heart, a new spirit, the new life in Christ; a supernatural birth. Praise Him that we are not our own, but bought with the price of the blood of Christ, “in Him, sitting in heavenly places” waiting and serving where He calls us in each generation. Blessings and peace in your heart during these times. 🙂

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  5. GREAT post Frances. Thank you! My favorite line is, “What we hear and see is a prelude to what hell will be like for those who are blind to the good news of Christ.” When I pay too much attention to the bad in this world, I become blind to the good and God working through others. This post is a great reminder to me to look harder for the good. correct my vision, and see God in all those who are trying so hard to further His work here on earth.

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