God Has Given Us His Kingdom

Our pastor has been preaching through the Gospel of Luke for several weeks.
His text in some way is relative each week to what we are experiencing in the world today.

We were blessed last week with this sermon from Luke 12:32-40.

God Has Given Us His Kingdom    Luke 12:32-40   (Outline)

I. God’s Gracious Gift (v.32)
A. Do Not Be Afraid!
B. His Glorious Kingdom of Grace and Power
C. The Father Well Pleased with Us
II. Sell All for This Treasure (vv. 33-34; Matt. 13:46)
A. Hold Loosely to This World
B. No Weakness, Thieves, or Decay in Heaven
C. Your Heart Is Where Your Heaven Is
III. Be Ready for the Lord (vv. 35-36)
A. Jesus Now at Heaven’s Wedding Celebration
B. He Will Return; Be Ready for Him
IV. The King Is Coming! (vv. 37-40)
A. Let Him Find You Watching
B. He Will Reward His Faithful Servants
C. Like a Thief in the Night: Watch!

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