Centrality of the Covenant

What is central is central, and everything else revolves around it.
(Revelation 4)

As I am writing “Worship That Springs From the Heart of God—a Sheep’s View” it is with a heart fervently searching for this “true worship” that Jesus teaches in John 4:24; the meaning of this worship, and the means whereby this worship takes place.

Believing that “true worship” is for His covenant people, there must be a center in and through which this worship takes place. His covenant of grace is made in and through Jesus Christ.  It is administered in His name, giving all authority and power to Him, and Him alone.  (Hebrews 1:1-4)

Humanly speaking, I see this as a “spin-off.”  The world turns.  Humanity continues to go around in circles, looking for life and fulfillment apart from God.  The Father draws a people to Christ, His Son, through the power of His Holy Spirit, as He speaks through His written word.  These find the center of life in Jesus Christ, “truth” administered to the human heart, “written on the heart and in the mind.”  These hold on to Jesus Christ for dear life, (by faith–we are “in Him” and nothing can take us out of Him) until this world stops spinning, and we find our eternal rest in Him.


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