When America was “Great”

The following email was from a friend.

The subject:
Super Bowl 14 Years ago. – this will bring a tear.

This may be the last time you’ll ever see something like this at an NFL game.   Super Bowl 2005…..

This video was shot 14 + years ago. There has been quite a change since then. 



After watching the video, my thoughts flashed back to the beginning and the sequence of the change. My comments are below.

Thank you for sharing this.
Yes, it brought a tear.
But more tears have been shed over losing our devotion to God.
Before there was a Super Bowl, an American flag, and patriotism, there was a church that met every Sunday.
Sunday was observed as a holy day. 
That day was hollowed and observed as the Lord’s Day.
Before there was football, there was loyalty and obedience to God.
Now, the doors are closed to the worship we once knew.
We need to cry for what we lost before America lost her greatness.
We need to repent and in faith, find our way back to God.
“Rivers of waters run down my eyes,
because they do not keep your law.”
Psalm 119:136
Gracious Father, have mercy upon us and save us. You are our only hope. Turn us back to you ~ we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.
“Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power;”
Psalm 110:3

5 thoughts on “When America was “Great”

  1. In many parts of the country people are coming out for worship gatherings in the streets. They’re getting saved, baptized, healed and delivered. I’m thinking leaders who are telling believers they’re not permitted to go to church just might see things backfire on them. Whatever might be going on politically, God’s work goes on in individual lives. It’s sad to see patriotism fade, but we are citizens of another kingdom. Christ-followers may be in the minority here, but when times are darker, the stars shine brighter. Keep shining, Frances.

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