Where Were You Yesterday?

Yesterday was the Lord’s Day.

Where were you?

Were you worshipping in His house?
Did you hear the Word of God preached?
Were you in prayer and fellowship with His other followers?

Many of God’s people have been scattered this year.
Many are living in confusion.
While some Christians are meeting secretly in other countries because of persecution, many in America who could be, are not worshipping at all.

The following video is a much-needed sermon for all people and nations.
Preaching from the Gospel of Luke yesterday, our pastor and we who heard his anointed message were blessed to have a special glimpse of the power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ as the “chief cornerstone.” He is still as active today as He was in His resurrection. Please watch and share it with others, especially those who are not sitting regularly under the preaching of God’s Word.

The prayer following the sermon was equally as dynamic, a prayer we were all praying. Listen and be blessed.


13 thoughts on “Where Were You Yesterday?

  1. Our churches are closed again due to a second Covid-19 lockdown Fran. Everything is online. Even when churches were allowed to open before the latest lockdown only limited numbers could attend in person due to the Covid rules that require social distancing to take place inside the churches – i.e. six feet between family groups.

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    1. David, thank you for your comments. I am aware of the conditions in other countries. I follow churches in Northern Ireland and know of restrictions. My purpose in posting today was to share a Word to all people as to why and where the church is and where it is going unless nations repent and return to the ruler of the universe. Jesus Christ speaks His eternal truth in this sermon. Whether we are able to worship together or only with our family, it is a time, like no other, that each person must decide if they will allow Christ to rule over them. My prayer is for an awakening of the churches to set the example of those who know Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. We are called to take His Word as the sword of the Spirit, to continually speak His Word to others and pray for Him to reveal and fulfill His promises to and in His people. Many do not miss worship or are living in fear. Those who simply do not care are the ones on whom the cornerstone will fall. He is proving those who are truly His. Prayers and blessings for you and your people who long to worship our Lord and Savior together.

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      1. Thank you Fran. Personally, I pray that Covid will be a wake-up call for the church. That the church will be moving in God’s will, not ours. While we as a family miss meeting together in person, we also realise that church cannot go back to the way it was before. I walk with the dog and my heart is burdened for those who live in the houses I pass who do not know Him. I wonder if there has been too much focus in the past on the church buildings and what goes on inside them rather than building disciples and making disciples.

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      2. Thank you, David for your prayers. Yours is not the only one. Our church has been meeting for the last three months, in prayer for the changes that can only come as the Holy Spirit moves in the hearts of His people. From Psalm 2, we understand that only the nations who “kiss the Son” will survive in future days. The church will endure in the hearts and lives of those who are truly His ~ not in physical buildings. Christ dwells in us and we in Him by the Holy Spirit which God has given us. His kingdom is a spiritual kingdom, precious to all who love and live for the Lord Jesus. We will be blessed and bear fruit as we continue to pray for repentance and spiritual awakenings in all nations.


    1. Thank you, Anne. I read this and commented when you posted it.
      Anyone who read it and remembered it from two years ago can see the results of neglect to the commands of God’s Word. I pray we see the importance of the church, for us individually and collectively. Years ago, Isaiah 58:13-14 became a rule for me and Jerry. It was too late for our children. We were late in joining the realm of true believers ~ seeing the power of God’s Word as the means of true life in Christ, His Son. Seeing the specific need of gathering in His name, we now have the calling to pray for Him to move n the hearts of His people, that He gather His own together again. This is a time of winnowing and separating His people from the world. Our Father is bringing His children to focus and live in obedience to His Son, to whom He has given authority and power over all flesh. Jn. 17:2; Matthew 28:18. Praise to Him and blessings as we pray and believe He will show us great and mighty things we have not yet known. Thankfully, we have more to watch than the proverbial frog in the pot. 🙂

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      1. I am so grateful that our church is meeting regularly – masked, socially distanced, and limited in some ways, but we do gather, and I’m amazed at the beautiful sound that comes through those masks when we all sing the Lord’s praises together in four-part harmony. ❤ Our prayer meetings still have several hundred people show up. (!)

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