An Excavation of John 17 ~ Unearthing the Truths of the Atonement

As I have read through the Bible every year for years on end, grace has abounded to me in wisdom and understanding. With the aid of the Holy Spirit, the finger of God pointed out certain truths. Light was shone on the things that seemed to matter each year as I read.

In the Old Testament, the chapter I could not get through without lingering and memorizing was Isaiah 53.

In these last days, even as I meditate on other parts of God’s Word, I have not been able to get past John 17.

Memorization and meditation have required me to stop so as to know that I am standing on solid ground. That is not enough. This hard surface needs to be broken up. There are layers here, a covering over of the truth hidden for centuries. The atoning work of Christ has been trampled underfoot. Buried deep within the world’s way of education are the nuggets of truth we now have to dig for.

John 17 is a source of one of these truths, but without this main one, revealed in Jesus’ open prayer to the Father in heaven, none of the others are explainable. And now, at this point, I am not able to speak of what is hidden here. I just know at this time in my life, in this new age and stage, I cannot go anywhere, be anywhere ~ even alone ~ without having my Father’s revelation in the twenty-six verses of this chapter of John’s gospel.

I have for weeks been eating, drinking, sleeping with these words recorded the last night of Jesus’ life before His crucifixion. I sense here the means of finishing my course with joy ~ the treasures hidden here are worth every moment of my thought and time, meditation, memorization and documenting.

I invite you to pray, to join me in reading, studying, meditation and memorization. Lend me not only your ear but share whatever you uncover of this lost treasure so that I can record our findings. I have read commentaries, but so far, these do not speak of the deeper truths I am looking for. Sometimes, we are the few our Father puts to the task.

As I venture to be a part of a small prayer group in our church and to perhaps begin a ministry for Christian widows, I believe this project of John 17 will be a major source of wisdom and knowledge and also, for our other series and books. I will post again on this subject as the Lord leads. Thank you for your prayers and comments.

Gracious Father, as you woke me this morning, you reminded me how we begin each week. “Now upon the first day of the week, ….. they came to the sepulcher, bringing the spices they had prepared, and others with them. And they found the stone rolled away.” I come from the empty tomb having worshipped my risen Lord and Savior yesterday. I come to this day with pick and shovel, to be “about my Father’s business.” I desire to find in this day those truths needful for faith and obedience and, as those who are taught, “to speak a word to the weary.” I pray we all seek to discover the truths of life you have given us through your written Word and your precious Living Word, Jesus Christ, in whose name I pray. Amen.

21 thoughts on “An Excavation of John 17 ~ Unearthing the Truths of the Atonement

  1. This is such a confirmation to me this morning, dearest Fran. I have been in John 14, 15, 16 and 17 (currently memorizing John 14 with the goal to eventually know all four chapters by heart). I am in awe of our Lord, His oneness with the Father and his exhortation for us to look to Him as our example in this union.
    I have been deeply convicted (by now memorizing John 14), by God’s great love for us. When Jesus speaks to his disciples of the Oneness between the Father and himself, He does so for us to understand the Father’s desire to restore the union between the crown of His creation, namely His children, and Himself. It appears to me that the glory displayed in Heaven in the Father is filtered into one act of love: the payment for our sins and restoration of the original union. Christ over and over speaks of His union with the Father and Spirit. He goes and prepares a place, so we can be one with Him. His love for us is too deep for human comprehension … but we have been given the Word to get glimpses.
    Oneness with God is sharing in His glory. If we are (trying to be) one with God, we glorify Him (one of our highest goals as Christians).
    Some claim that we are one so we can share in some strange power and do things for our good (misinterpretation of John 14:13) … I believe it’s all about telling other about the great and marvelous love that is displayed in the Oneness of God.
    No wonder, in this day where the spirit of the antichrist roams and confuses the heart of the Church, we find such division.
    I am all fired up about this … can you tell??? 🙂
    Thanks for such a beautiful confirmation of what God is doing already in my heart, Fran.

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    1. Dear Heidi, I have not had time to respond to comments since this blog, but reading yours the first so warmed my heart. Now reading it the second time sparks what our Father has started in my heart. It is wonderful to find those who are being drawn to the flame., willing to lose our own fire for the greater love and life He has given us in Christ so that others may believe. This study is a slow development but worth waiting for. Blessings in your study and memorization of the Johnteens.


  2. Hi Fran, as you may be aware, I am currently doing a commentary on the Gospel of John but I am not up to John 17 yet. Like you, I have read through John many times and it is my favourite Gospel because it reveals so much of Jesus at a different level. The interaction between Jesus and our Father and all that Jesus shows us of this interaction is amazing and key to our own interaction with Jesus and God our Father. How anyone who reads John 17 can not come away with an acute awareness that no one in their right mind could say these things and the proceed to walk into the “hour” that the Father willed Jesus to walk into, is totally beyond me. Not to mention how this ties everything together with regard to the glory that the Father bestowed upon Jesus and how Jesus ultimately bestows it back to the Father as mentioned in 1st Corinthians 15:24-25. Also the distinct different between “the world” and those who are “saved” is reiterated, which serves to clarify the distinct reason for why God the Father sent Jesus to be a witness of Himself to us. I can’t help but think that John 17:13-26 is the core of this chapter that you are focusing on because it is obviously profound and I suspect not fully realized in many of us who believe. I’ve spoken before of feeling like there is a governor on my mind and heart that has not broken through with the reality of this realization, to which it is. I’ve prayed about this many times. It’s lIke my heart, mind and spirit need to be consumed with this realization that Jesus opens up before us and I am thinking that only happens through God’s grace. This particular chapter of John is what it is all about, it could not be made any clearer who Jesus is and why He does what He does. I earnestly look forward to any insights you share with us Fran and as always, lift you and yours up daily in prayer for God’s grace, peace, joy and blessings. – Bruce

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    1. Thank you again, Bruce, for your input in the things God is revealing to us. The more I read and meditate on this, the more exciting it is to be given this desire and be drawn more and more to our Savior and our Father. The pick and shovel are becoming lighter to this aging soul. Blessings for you and your family.

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  3. Your posts go to my heart! Thank you for sharing. One of the most powerful ‘studies’ for me over the years was memorizing Isaiah 53. And a few months ago, John 17 paused me but I did not dwell perhaps as I should have. Finishing well is my desire. I will join you in camping there. Thank you for that challenge!

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    1. When I revisited this morning, I recalled my blessing from the passage earlier this year. As a mom ‘launching children’ into independence, I found such wisdom and comfort. As Jesus prepared to leave the disciples…I am called to ‘leave’ my children to adult responsibilities and growths. It gave me sweet peace as I sought confidence for their journeys in my own sweet journey with Jesus. This morning my mind reflected on 25 years of ministry…of the ways I’ve missed what I saw Jesus saying…of ways I can more fully minister through the lens of John 17. I will continue to visit it. I am an avid journal-er – if you would find any value in my notes, I’d be glad to photo and email them to you. Praying for your digging and synthesis of His beautiful Words in this passage.

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