The Essentiality of God

When this title came to my mind, I assumed someone else had written it. Surprisingly, in my search, I found no one had. So, in this first part of a series that may end in another book, I have claimed the copyright. In this first post, I will make a few comments with an introduction and a partial Table of Contents. I welcome anyone’s input as to any part of God’s essentiality we may need to include. And quotes are encouraged if relative to the subject matter.

It seems 2020 has become a year for deciding what is essential to humankind.

What may be considered essential to one person may not be essential to another. It depends on how we define “essential.” At first, we may think the term to mean “what is necessary to sustain life.” Then we are brought back to the same reasoning. What is necessary for one person may not be thought of as necessary for all.

And a problem surfaces when more than one authority wants to decide for everybody.

And in all this ~ from the beginning of time ~ the only real authority has been usurped. We need a revelation from ~ and a return to ~ the authority that began and continues to sustain human life. This statement will be refuted by any who do not recognize and acknowledge the only True God and ruler of the universe.

But for the sake of those who do, we will attempt to show how the Creator of heaven and earth is the first and greatest need for all men and the only answer for the ills of humankind.

Table of Contents

as Creator
as Redeemer
as Father
as the living God
as only true God
as Provider
as Lord
as Savior
as Life and the sustainer of life
as power
as ruler over all things
as protector
as shepherd
as strength
as healer
as counselor
as comforter
as King
as deliverer
as judge
as Almighty
as refuge
as salvation
as wisdom
as truth
as our only hope
as love
as peace
in His mercy and grace
in His glory

Please pray for me. Your comments are always an encouragement.

Gracious Father, again I take upon myself a work of which I am not worthy. At a time when I might feel more like settling down in my loss and loneliness, I desire for you to use me. Fill me with your Spirit to search and share the blessings we have from you as our God, Lord, and Savior. In Jesus’  name, I pray. Amen.
© 2020 Fran Rogers

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16 thoughts on “The Essentiality of God

  1. I really like this concept overall…especially the understanding that essential is personal in ‘degree’ – and Jesus knows & fills the exact need of each person!

    If you feel so led, perhaps you could share the chapter you are working on as you progress so we can pray specifically?

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  2. Fran, I pray the Holy Spirit will continue to guide you as He reveals the essentiality of God to you. As you write, remember when you feel weak, He is strong – and He will empower you to fulfill the plans and purposes He has for you. Keeping you in prayer from many perspectives.

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  3. Some years ago one of our pastors began a sermon telling us that Christ should not be first in our lives, or the center of our lives, or our #1 priority. That got our attention! Then he showed us Colossians 3:4, which says “…Christ, who IS your life …” So He’s not just first, He’s first, last, and everything in between. He is EVERYTHING.

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  4. Valerie Caraotta

    Thank you for reminding us to never let the fundamental core message of allowing God to reign supreme and not let ideologies taint His pure word. Indeed He is all those attributes and our true all in all. I know the Spirit of God will lead you in your writing for such a season as we have upon us. Fran, I highly recommend you praying before sleep that you will gain further insight to share as He speaks in the night to us. Keep a pad and paper handy near your bed. May wisdom be your portion.😀❤️🙏🙏🙏


  5. Maritza Principal

    Estamos indagando sobre la esencia y la esencialidad y me encontré con esta producción mientras escribíamos precisamente ese mismo título. Creo que es una causalidad maravillosa poder leerle pues comparto muchas ideas de la introducción. Felicidades por este fenómeno tan poco andado.


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