A Passion for Christ

The apostle Paul had a passion for Christ.
Martyrs die in their passion for Christ.
His disciples live their passion for Christ.

To have a passion for Christ, we must know Him. To know Him, we must read, study, and hear Christ preached. We must have His Spirit within us.

Our Pastor, Chris Strevel, is preaching through the Gospel of Luke ~ with a passion for Christ that shows in his sermons. Yesterday’s was another one that touches the heart of those who love the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

(Chris’ father and mother’s passion for Christ was passed down to him. His father lived fifteen years with an injury as a Vietnam veteran. In and out of hospitals, he preached Christ with amazing results ~ hopefully, to be shared as his mother is in the process of documenting their story.)

Jesus Christ the Mighty Savior ~Sermon Outline:
I. His Words Come with Power (vv. 31-32)
II. He Delivers from Demons and Disease (vv. 33-39)
III. He Preaches the Kingdom of God (vv. 40-44)
IV. Is Jesus Christ Your Mighty Savior?


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