His Story is My Story (A Poem)

A few weeks ago, the pastor and elders of the church we had been visiting, came to our home to pray for us and while here, to hear our witness of Christ for membership.  God had been working twenty years for this transition from our last church. All that the Lord has done in my life (almost 79 years) could never be shared in one day, and I praise Him that He is not through with His work in my life. The following poem is the concise witness the Lord gave me for that day.

His Story is My Story

No one knows even half of my story
It is covered by heaven’s pure glory.

Jesus came down and died for my sin.
By HIs blood I am cleansed from within.

By His righteousness alone,
For my sins did He atone.

So that sinners such as I
May on His work now rely.

Singing and praising every day
In the new and upward way.

Fran ~ 2018

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3 thoughts on “His Story is My Story (A Poem)

  1. Beautiful Francis, even half is an overstatement. I am sure that when we know as we are known by God, that the glory that belongs to our Saviour will extend far beyond what we can ever comprehend here now. You and Gerry are a gift to us from God. God’s grace and love and blessings to you both!

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  2. Wonderful poem, Frances. This is the most wonderful testimony anyone could have. Praying that our unsaved loved ones will be able to one day have this same testimony. God’s richest blessings upon you.

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