How Could They? (An ode to the Reformation)

How could they give all?  How could they lay it down?

Was it for crimes that they had done ~~~ or was it for a crown?


How could they die, so firm and sure  ~~~ without a shade of doubt?

Was it for show or spectacle?  Was their faith that stout?


How could they stand ~~~ enduring flame?  How could they face the sword?

Were they unfeeling, so reserved?  Were they not from this world?


If we but seek to truly know ~~~ If we can see and hear

The Savior, as He died for us ~~~Is there anything we cannot bear?

(In praise to God, our Father; and in memory of those who died that we might have the Word of God, His truth, and the great salvation given through Jesus Christ, our Lord.)

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