Overflow of God’s Word

For the past month, my mind and heart have been deluged with thoughts of encouragement for God’s people. The river of living water Jesus promised from the Holy Spirit has been flowing, bringing to the surface words of truth He has planted and watered over the years. My small basin is not enough to capture what He is pouring out. I share a few of the titles here, praying He will settle me and write through me what He desires. If you have an interest in either of these, please leave a comment.

What is Happening?  ~ A Sheep’s View

What Shall We Do? ~ A Sheep’s View

Repentance and Dependence

Our Greatest Need

Words of Life ~ JUDGMENT

Survival of the Fittest

The History of Hope

Quarantined in Christ

Clean Hands

Love and blessings to all in our Lord Jesus Christ,

16 thoughts on “Overflow of God’s Word

  1. Hi Fran, if these are all encouragements that the Lord has given you, why are you not posting all of them? Anything that has to do with sheep interests me because that is what I am and that is just for starters. Short story is that anything that the Lord gives you, interests me. Blessings.

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    1. Bruce, thank you for your comment. I am not posting because of the overflow ~ not being able to write and share one before other titles come. The last two posts were on the list. But, even since posting this one, others have come. (How about Surreal Surrender?) The point of this post was to witness the provisions the Lord has prepared and reviews during certain times in our lives. Study, meditation, and memorization is the process of hiding His Word in our hearts and the Holy Spirit bringing them to mind when we and others need them. If we, His children, could reach the millions who are suffering, fearful and anxious, what a difference Christ would make in their lives. Thank you for your continued encouragement. I will be writing as He gives me the time, wisdom, and strength for these titles. I am HIs servant, His sheep, staying close to the Shepherd. Blessings for you and your family.


      1. Hi Fran, I understand. They all sound interesting but the ones on the sheep really are close to my heart because following and being close to the shepherd seem to be a leading I have been receiving as of late. Just so you know, any time you post, I read, just saying … I was actually thinking about writing a tract that would encapsulate, in a relatively brief format, a message for these times but I would need God to put it together for me. If He wants me to, He will. I’m thinking He put the thought in my mind so I’m in a holding pattern. I’m almost to the point where I’d stand on the street. Waiting on directions. Blessings to you and yours also Fran.

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      2. As unprecedented as these times are, they require more of our time with Him. The bubbling and the overflow sometimes are meant to keep us close. Even as Gary suggests, a lot of my time is spent in prayer and God’s Word so as to sort out exactly what He wants to winess thorugh us. We need to archive the truths of His Word for future generations. This will pass, and each of us will be the better or the worse from it. The Lord is good. His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures forever. (Ps. 100:5)

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      1. Thank you for your encouragement, Lynn. Like you, I had not been posting as much in order to publish our books, but this crisis has brought about much more to share. I will write these as the Lord leads and gives me His Spirit, at the same time working to get our recent book, Godly Contenment published.
        How is your art work going?


  2. Well Francis, I’m with Bruce there on doing all of them but I have a similar list of encouragements with no time to do any of them justice. I recognize and appreciate the work and staring at the wall or out the window deep in thought time for each one of these.
    “Survival” sounds good now days so does being the “fittest” but so does “Eternity”

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    1. Gary, your comments are always encouraging. You are welcome to try any of these if you would like. Survival of the Fittest relates to how our Father prepares us, fitting us for His kingdom now and for eternity. That is what this life is all about, right? Blessings for your witness of our Father and our Lord.

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      1. That has been my prayer Francis. More time has been spent in prayer lately than writing. Probably better spent that way until the Lord urges me to pick up the pen (tablet) again. I sure like your slant on “survival of the fittest”

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      2. Time in prayer and His Word have been the place of receiving and not yet moving to share what is given. These are the most important and the means of His establishing “the work of our hands upon us.” (Ps. 90:17)

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