The Unshakable Hope of the Man Who Sees with His Heart and Writes with His Eyes

If you already know Bill Sweeney, you understand this title. All who know him are blessed. He is a member of the WordPress Christian Community of which I have been a member for eight years. I put these words together because we are a community of believers who support and encourage each other as we write of a common faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

This post is not for me to tell you Bill’s story but to share his blog site so you can read for yourself his witness of the Lord’s grace in his life during many years with ALS. You will be encouraged and your faith will be strengthened as you read how he lives in hope and ministry to the Lord.
Unshakeable Hope

14 thoughts on “The Unshakable Hope of the Man Who Sees with His Heart and Writes with His Eyes

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Also, this is the first I’ve heard of a Christian group here. I am interested in participating. Any info you could share with me with regard to joining would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Chuck, what a blessing to share WordPress with you and the others we have have come to know here. WCC is the general assembly of all Christians who are using WordPress as a ministry of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are already a member. Blessings to you as you continue to share the gospel. Those who LIKE my blog are members. There are others I discover every day. You and I may be two of the older ones. 🙂

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      1. Thank you! I am finding this medium to be an effective way of sharing the Gospel.
        With regard to age, I for one am much closer to the Abram of Genesis 17:1 than I am to Moses floating on the Nile!
        I look forward to our future conversations.

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  2. Bill and his wife is an amazing testimony of God’s grace and perseverance. It seems many believers have been impacted by his story and I’m glad to see you also have shared their blog. By the way Fran I was praying earlier for Jerry in light of his fall.

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    1. Thank you JIm. We all have the story of Christ’s redeeming work in us and through us. Jerry is gradually recovering, but don’t know how soon he may be able to walk again. It has been almost two years. But all is in our Lord’s timing. Blessings for your week-end. 🙂

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  3. I think many of us have met each other around Unshakeable Hope, Bill’s blog site, – and
    the Hope that Jesus brings us.
    To have the perception that it is a Christian Group, is perhaps another aspect, or fruit that this blog site has produced, apart from the tribute to both Bill and Mary’s testimony of faith and perseverance, always delivered with love. Thanks Francis for this, it gives a sense of purpose, even in the unreal, yet real, virtual world of the blogosphere. 👌

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