What Matters?

Two days ago, Jerry set a record as we celebrated his eighty-first birthday. He has lived longer than any of the Rogers in his family. His brother died at the age of eighty, and all his dad’s brothers died in their seventies.

During this time, we are preparing for surgery to repair an aneurysm in his only leg, praying for blood flow and healing for the wound on his foot, and considering other things at this age and stage of our lives. Yesterday we were questioning if we should be delving into something we did not understand (while I try to remember what that was, I am watching the wind and rain assault the beautiful dogwood that we have enjoyed the last few days blooming outside the window. How easily our thoughts can change. I can’t remember the thing we were considering two days ago. It must not have mattered.) 🙂

After discussing whether or not, we asked if knowing would matter. That progressed to the question: “What matters?” We have never really asked that question before, so as to discuss and document the answers.

After talking about what we though mattered, I decided to pose this question to our readers. Before stating our answers in this blog, I would like you to share your responses to this question. If you need some time, think about it and come back later to comment. At different ages we may consider one thing that matters more than others. What matters and makes us content when we are young may not matter when we get older.

Let’s leave off the answer “love” for the time being. Love would probably be the first answer for a lot of people; it might also mean something different to each of us.

Please join me in this conversation, to which we will add, after your comments are made.

Oh ~ and please include your age; that matters in our answers. 🙂

Dear Father, I pray that you will give us insight for our answers to this question of what matters in this life. In Jesus’ name I pray. amen.

26 thoughts on “What Matters?

  1. Good morning! I am fifty-three years old. I think what matters is how we treat one another. We have a choice in our actions and reactions. We can make the world a better place with just one decision. I am praying all will go well during surgery.

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  2. Hi, I wrote a comment and it seemed to have disappeared into your spam maybe? I will try again: If it is duplicated, please remove and forgive.
    Peace with the Lord… a relationship with Him that enables us to walk with Him to go where He takes us to go. Jesus is our “child-conductor.” I am learning life on earth is a gift from Him, a time of learning what Mercy and Grace is, Who God is, Who our Daddy is. … Preparing us to receive all the things that God has prepared for us. We have been gifted on this earth, and may have people, things and times that we have loved – He has given us all things to enjoy. Even our sufferings work out for Good and Gain of Him. Yet I think of Lot’s wife – turning back not necessarily to the world or even fleshly pursuit and love, but just for a moment not going forward… just for a moment wondering what to do with her recent life? His Grace is sufficient to move us on in His Spirit, we move on in Him. He keeps us in Himself, He works all things … He gives us trust toward Him, He is our Faith, He believes…that is what matters. He is our Continuation… our Life. There is Something that comes next, we walk with Him into that. We can entrust our souls to a loving Savior… a loving Father…. a faithful God. As I contemplate becoming a grandma, I remember holding my own child to my breast with cascades of love and joy exchanging between my child, myself and my Lord. I’m thinking that might be where we go. We can trust Him (in His Grace), because He is taking us to Himself, to a Place of Love, Light, and Freedom…. a place where colors breathe, Light lives, and He is All in all. ( I am nearly 62, a mess like most humans, and thankful for my Savior.)

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  3. Hi Frances. Thank you for opening up this forum. For me, at age 59, the most important thing is to see my loved ones (my Jewish siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews; as well as my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson) come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I have been a believer now for 31 and have yet to see a single loved one come to Christ, but I keep pressing on. Continued blessings to you and Jerry.

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    1. David, thank you for your comment, and for sharing your thoughts and your desire for your family. This reminds me of Paul’s words in Romans 10:1. We will be in prayer with you for them. Blessings for today. ~ Fran

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  4. I’m 43 and what matters in the world is us preparing ourselves and others for the return of Christ, first and foremost. Secondly, what matters to me on a more personal level is that my children and one grandchild are happy and safe.

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    1. Lee, thank you for your response that opens another door. Those who know our history of dealing with adversity understand that surgery and health are not the matters of which we are concerned. Different things matter to different people based on our ages, what we have learned and what we have experienced. The question is also tied in with the topic of Contentment we have been sharing for the past three months. It is a personal question for each one to share the thinking of your heart, directed for the most part, to the children of God.

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      1. Lee Poskey

        Okay, thank you for your response. I thought your question related to whether get the surgery or not based on your age.

        But my answer to what I feel is most important, is resting in the finished work of Christ.

        And by the way,
        that storm that hit your dogwood tree is maybe the same storm that we had in Texas that was later so destructive in Louisiana.

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      2. Lee, at our age surgery and issues with health are so common that we have learned to look beyond these physical happenings, take them as they come, seeing “the finished work of Christ” bringing us closer to home. This age and stage is the weakest, physically, but as Paul reminded the church at Corinth, “The outer man is wasting away, but the inner man is growing stronger everyday.” We praise Him for mercy, His goodness and grace.
        The forecast is for more of the same weather tomorrow as yesterday, praying for His mercy in all places.

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  5. Hi, Fran. I’m 43 and what matters to me is God and people, in that order. Everything else will fall into place if I focus on God first (and love Him more than anyone or anything) and then serve and love His children the way He leads. Sorry, I used the word “love” twice! 😉 God bless and happy birthday to Jerry!

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    1. Kim, how profound are these two words. Without this there would be no reason for living. There is a contentment in this even when everything else seems useless and incomprehensible. Praise Him that he knew us first. I pray His blessings as you continue to be a witness of His working in you, especially since the loss of your son.
      The Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures forever, bringing us into eternity with Him and our loved ones.

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  6. gadolelohai

    hi Fran…i am 27 from Nepal. When you are talking about ‘what matter’ most i will tell you from my personal matter than the things matters with others as it’s our personal life. To me at this stage matters with the fulfillment of purpose, vision, call and will of GOD before i even get old. The time is running, i am getting older,,yet i am in preparation mode for GOD’s call and service rather than doing them. I thing doing GOD’s call matters most to me because this call and vision is something i have where ever i go and i am always questioned, “are you doing to fulfill the will of GOD?”

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  7. Light Ministry Blog

    I am 63 and have been a Christian for 50 years. I’ve searched out many pleasures of this world, seeking happiness and what really “matters.” This is much like Solomon in Ecclesiastes. But now I am driven by my hope for heaven and am trying to learn the meaning of the words of the apostle Paul in (Phil.4:11)…to be content in all circumstances of this life. This world has passing treasures and happiness. But heaven is eternal and far more glorious I believe. That is what matters to me…


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