Rubber Legs

The story is told of a young man, who, in the “prime” of his life, woke one morning, but was unable to get out of bed. His legs and arms were like rubber.

He could move his head, his hands, his feet, and his body, but his arms and legs seemed to have no bone, and no muscle. He was not in pain—just uncoordinated. Overnight he had become helpless. Alone, he had no one to call to. He could not reach his phone. His screams for “help” went unanswered. In his despair he pleaded, “Oh God, help me!”

In the assurance that his cry was heard he ceased to panic, and his struggle turned to resignation. He gave in to his helplessness with the only hope he had been given. In peace, he relaxed and slept.

When he woke up this time, he realized that the trauma he had experienced had been a dream.

Was it only a dream? Or was it God’s supernatural way of revealing the man’s real need, and producing a miracle in his life? It was real enough to cause the young man to evaluate his independence of God. In the dream he had experienced in his whole being the sense of full dependence on the Lord God, who had enabled him to call out to the only one who could help him in his solitude; and the response he received was what he needed.

In reality he sought the same God of mercy that he had encountered in his dream.   God, through Jesus, brought him to full dependence. And he never forgot his rubber legs and arms.

God restored, through his relationship with Jesus, the proper use of his whole body, soul, and spirit. In a local church body of believers, he learned more about his God, and found his true purpose for living, in service to Him, for His glory.

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