God’s Glory and Mother Nature

God’s glory, and mother nature, are complimentary.  More than this, nature is a reflection of the glory of God, the Father.  And yet in this visible world the natural man only sees and knows the mother.

Within three days I have encountered this phenomenon from the witness of a landscape designer and a photographer.  One states that she was brought up as a Catholic, and though she does not attend church, she is a Christian through her knowledge and joy of nature.  The photographer, in his own video, gives all the credit to the beauty of his work to mother nature; even explaining that when someone responds to his work, using the name of God in vain, they are expressing the god within themselves. In both cases all the work, the sustaining, the maintenance and beauty of the Father is negated to what the human eye can see.  The creation—the mother—is worshiped, instead of the Creator.

The full scope of this negation is recorded by Paul in the first chapter of Romans.  Interestingly enough, he ties this misplaced devotion to the nature of man.  Years ago I wrote an article with a simple theme of the common denominator of homosexuality. What it is is the annihilation of the role of the father.  Look at both the female and the male role in this way of life.  There is no father figure; there is only the nature of man becoming all that he or she feels.  There is no authority or leadership beyond the human form and what we know as the “self.”

We are first, born of the natural, living after the flesh and its lusts and desires (whatever makes me feel good).  The same Father that created us—and all that we see in mother nature—sires us again, by His Spirit, through faith in Jesus Christ.  This “new creation” sees the Father in His glory, and the new mother—the heavenly Jerusalem.  We see, through all the beauty of what is created here, the glory of the Father, and His Son Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, and what they have prepared for us with them in glory.

If you are a part of this deceptive phenomenon, look up, look beyond what you see with your natural eyes, and what you feel in yourself.  Find a Bible, read the New Testament, cry out to the Father who created you—to open your eyes to see Jesus Christ, in whom He has given all that you need to worship Him.  This is the purpose of your creation.  Don’t let men deceive you; don’t deceive yourself.  If you miss the Father’s glory in Jesus Christ, you will miss it all, with only your eyes and body to see and feel what you have now, for eternity.   Men—you can be the man that God created you to be—in Christ.   Women—you can be the woman God created you to be—in Christ.

“As was the man of dust, so also are those who are of the dust,
and as is the man of heaven, so also are those who are of heaven.”
1 Corinthians 15:48

Dear Father, I thank you that you have not left us as we are, to ourselves and our own feelings, but “before the foundation of the world” prepared with, and through Jesus Christ, your Son, the means of escape and salvation for the holy life for which you created us in your own image.  Through this message I pray you would call and draw to Christ those whom you desire to know you, love you, and worship you, the Father of glory.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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