Treasure Boxes (P.S.)

If you have just read Treasure Boxes you will not need to read this addition. If you read the original published on Wednesday, this is an explanation of why I first thought of the boxes. The first one was given to our oldest grandchild, Ansley, to keep letters I had written to her. The first letter was written soon after she was born, recording the anticipation of her birth, family, and friends who were present when she was born and other details. In addition, I wrote things that the Lord put in my heart for her to read later. Letters were written for each birthday for several years until three sisters were born. I kept each one from the time they were three months old until they began kindergarten and during the summer months two days a week while Lee worked as a physical therapist. I did not have time afterward to write letters to the other grandchildren, but they all have the treasure boxes for storing things we studied together.

8 thoughts on “Treasure Boxes (P.S.)

    • Jim, thank you for reading even during your hectic week. Please sent me your guest post whenever the Lord gives you time. I still have one to do (All) whenever I can finish it (more than I expected when I started it.) Blessings for your continued ministry and for tomorrow.

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